FormWork Carpenter

Overview and course outline

FormWork Carpenter


This job role provides support in handling of materials related to shuttering carpentry works at construction sites. The responsibilities also include using of basic tools for cutting, sizing, planning and drilling of timber/plywood, carrying out manual earthwork, erection and dismantling temporary scaffold. The individual should have knowledge about the environment, health, safety and safe working practices.

Course Outline for FormWork Carpenter

1. Overview of Construction Industry
• Definition of Construction
• Activities covered under

Construction work
• Role of Helper Carpenter

2. Carpentry - Tools, Materials and Equipment
• Identify, shift and stack tools, materials, and equipment relevant to shuttering carpentry and scaffolding

3. Hand tools for cutting, planning and drilling
• Use hand tools for cutting, planning and drilling of timber/plywood tools and make timber joints

4. Temporary scaffold
• Erect and dismantle temporary scaffold of 3.6 meter height

5. Carry out manual earthwork at construction site
• Carry out preparatory work prior to earthwork
• Carry out soil cutting, dressing work
• Carry out backfilling and compaction manually

6. Health, safety and environment protocol
• Follow safety norms as defined by organization
• Adopt healthy & safe work practices
• Implement good housekeeping and environment protection process and activities

Minimum Educational Qualification: JSS 3

Vocational Training Centers:

GTC Ikorodu , Government Technical College, Obafemi Awolowo Way, Oke Ota-Ona, Ikorodu, Lagos.

HoneyTreat Academy , 34, Adedoyin street, Ogba Aguda, Lagos.