FMCG Sales Executive Level 1

This program is designed to facilitate the participants acquire requisite skills so as to grow as FMCG Sales Executive (Level 1) in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry.
Course Outline:
  • a. Practical Learning which will facilitate the learner in acquiring practical skills about various tasksto internalize the learning. The modules will encompass real time workplace environment, alltools, equipment and safety procedures. The assessment will be completed through practicaltasks. in the workshop/lab.
  • b. Classroom Learning that will help the learners acquire theoretical knowledge throughpresentations, demonstrations and discussions. The modules will use additional resources likevideos, animations and activities to supplement the learning.
  • Duration: 240 Hours

  • a) 102 Hours – Classroom Learning
  • a) 138 Hours – Practical Learning
  • Minimum Educational Qualification:
    10th Standard & above
    Vocational Training Center(s):
    Cooper House of Hospitality