Digital Marketing

A Digital Skills Marketer makes use of new techniques, analyzes results, produce actionable insights, and build a dynamic portfolio of work. H/She creates marketing content, uses social media to amplify the organization message, makes content discoverable in search runs, advertises on social media platforms, and markets with email, and measure for optimization.
Course Outline:
  • a. Introduction to Digital Marketing, Strategies in Digital Marketing, Aligning internet with business objective, Branding & user experience.
  • b. Search Engine Optimization, Stakeholders in search, Customer insights, On & off-page optimization.
  • c. Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Advertising, and Display Advertising.
  • d. Social Media Marketing, Social Media Management, Strategy & planning.
  • Minimum Educational Qualification:
    Vocational Training Center(s):
    Incircle Africa
    Simply Exponential Consult Limited