Sewing Machine Operator

Sewing Machine Operation involves the assembling of garment parts, stitching the components of a garment together using a sewing machine, and also carrying out different types of stitching using a sewing machine. The role of a sewing machine operator is critical to the garment manufacturing process as it determines and improves the quality of the product.
Course Outline:
  • • Introduction to the apparel industry.
  • • Stitching using the sewing machine.
  • • Achieving product quality in stitching operations.
  • • Maintenance of the work area, tools and machines.
  • • Maintenance of health, safety and security in the work place.
  • • Compliance with industry, regulatory and organizational requirements.
  • Minimum Educational Qualification:
    JSS 3
    Vocational Training Center(s):
    House of Henri Fashion and Art Academy
    WAPA Apparel
    Crown Natures Nigeria Plc
    Amtis Skills Place
    MartWayne Fashion School
    Crested Edge Discovery House
    Doka Dots Clothing