This job role provides support for electrical works required for construction activities at the project site. The responsibilities also include identification and handling of tools, devices and materials used to perform electrical works and performance of preparatory works prior to temporary and permanent electrical installations. The individual should have basic knowledge in the environment, health & safety aspects relevant to the trade
Course Outline:
  • 1. Identify and handle different tools, measuring devices and materials relevant to LV electrical works - Identify, shift and use tools, tackles and materials to execute tasks related to electrical works
  • 2. Carry out wall chasing and external threading on MS conduit – Introduction to standard procedure for wall chasing and conduit fixing for concealed wiring and practice
  • 3. Carry out manual earthwork at construction site – Introduction to the standard procedure of manual excavation and excavation of trench the same by using appropriate tools
  • 4. Erect and dismantle temporary scaffold of 3.6-meter height – Introduction to the standard procedures of erection and dismantling of scaffold using appropriate tools and components (Cup-lock system and pipe scaffolding)
  • 5. Work effectively in a team to deliver desired results at the workplace – Introduction to team working and effective communication procedures to be followed at construction sites
  • 6. Work according to personal health, safety and environment protocol at construction site: Importance of Health & Safety aspects & measures to be followed while working
  • Minimum Educational Qualification:
    JSS 3
    Vocational Training Center(s):
    FSD VTE Academy